Aliwagwag Falls to have protected landscape

Davao Oriental Rep. Nelson Dayanghirang:

 Aliwagwag Falls to have protected landscape

By Anthony S. Allada

An advocate for environmental protection, Davao Oriental Rep. Nelson Dayanghirang authored a landmark legislation that would further protect the Aliwagwag Falls, considered to be the highest waterfalls in the country.

House Bill 2455,  is an act establishing the Aliwagwag Falls located in the municipalities of Boston and Cateel, province of Davao Oriental and the municipality of Compostela, province of Compostela Valley as a protected landscape and its peripheral areas as buffer zone, providing for its management and for other purposes, is now pending at the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and deliberations are now ongoing.

Dayanghirang, who happned to be the House Vice Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, is optimistic that his proposal would immediately get the nod of his colleagues they are mostly environment protectors.

Aliwagwag Falls is the highest waterfalls in the country with 1,110 feet tall or 388-meter high.  The cascade has 13 rapids and looks like a stairway with 84 steps of varying heights. This towering waterfall is regarded as one of the most awesomely beautiful falls not only in Mindanao but in the entire archipelago as well. This wonder-fall in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley is situated in the middle of a virgin forest.

A first time viewer is easily struck dumbfounded, speechless and awed by the spectacular sight. Just imagine, a series of 84 falls forming almost a hundred steps cascading from the forest to the edge of where it enters Cateel River and empties to the coast.

What’s more, its very accessible as it can readily be viewed along the road connecting this town with Trento in Agusan del Sur. The bridge over the river is a good viewing area to this waterfalls considered the most beautiful in Mindanao. It is also said that there are parts in the forest just near here where one can find the burial grounds of the Mandaya, the tribal group in this area which can be reached by hiking.

This area, a few feet from the main road is a good bathing spot where the locals come to enjoy a good splash. Aliwagwag Falls is way off the tourist map and are known mostly to locals and intrepid adventurers. It is not even listed in international guide books maybe because its Mindanao and many foreigners are discouraged from going here even if its relatively safe.

Other landmark legislation that Dayanghirang proposed in the House is the House Bill 6505, which provides for the training program that will also be the basis for the promotion of teachers and the number of teaching loads to be allocated.

“Teachers who fail to undergo or complete the training shall not be given any teaching load for a period of one year from the date of completion of the next training,” Dayanghirang said.

At present, Dayanghirang said teachers in the primary and secondary levels undergo continuing education through Teacher Education Centers of Excellence mandated under Republic Act 7784.

The measure amends Republic Act 7784, which states that all primary, secondary and college teachers shall undergo training in professional education, general education and teaching methods in their fields of specialization at least once every five years to be held during school breaks.

“Amending Republic Act 7784 and including the tertiary level teachers in its program will increase the capability and competence of the country’s teachers,” Dayanghirang said.

Dayanghirang sought the immediate approval of his proposed measure, saying, “college teachers may have sufficient grasp or even mastery of their fields of study, but if they do not employ the proper teaching methods, the quality of tertiary education will continue to deteriorate.”

“In the government’s efforts to improve the quality of education, it often institutes changes in the curricula and course offerings of educational institutions and allocates funding for research and school facilities,” Dayanghirang said.

Under the bill, the Teacher Education Council shall design collaborative programs or projects that will enhance pre-service teacher training, in-service training, retraining, orientation and teacher development, once this bill is approved. (ASA)


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  1. good move mr. congressman


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