Water district up in arms vs mining activities in San Francisco

Water district up in arms vs mining activities in San Francisco

By Anthony S. Allada

The San Francisco Water District (SFWD) has warned that the continued entry of big-time foreign and local mining companies operating within the gold-rich Mt. Magdiwata in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, could endanger the potable water resources for the consuming public.

Mt. Magdiwata, which is about 1,658 hectares, is the only water source of the SFWD where the surface water comes from springs.

SFWD general manager Elmer T. Luzon said they recently issued a position paper opposing the entry of another large-scale mining firm, APMEDORO Mining Corporation, which applied at the Mines and Geosciences Bureau of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) for Mineral Production and Sharing Agreement.

“Once and for all, we would like to make a stand that we are against, not just on Apmedoro Mining Corporation, but on all other mining corporations’ proposed application that is located within the watershed area, within its proposed buffer zone, and even outside the watershed or outside the municipality but in the long run may pose risk to our water resources and facilities,” the position paper reads.

Luzon said mining by all means would pose irreparable damage to the environment, adding “mining operations not just within the watershed but even outside would damage water resources during the course of its excavations and extractions of mineral resources that use heavy equipment and other underground facilities.”

“In the long process, and as long as there are mining operation, chemical contamination would surely damage our water table underground. Water contributaries will, in the long run, be contaminated and eventually create severe damages to humans including flora and fauna,” he said.

He said mining operations are definitely coupled with illegal logging or cutting of various endangered tree species and that “trees once damaged would result to soil erosion and landslide.”

He said SFWD, which has continued its expansion programs, will pursue its active campaign and implementation on protecting the Mt. Magdiwata Watershed.

“We filed legal actions against offenders. Even without national funding, we were able to allocate funds out of our meagre income in order to deliver and carry out our functions as provided for in the laws of PD 198,” Luzon said. (ASA)


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  1. go fight for our environment


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