DPWH 13 RD Danilo E. Versola: A man of action

DPWH 13 RD Danilo E. Versola:
A man of action

Engineer Danilo Versola has been noted as having high regard for efficiency and quality work. He combines system, motivation and tact in managing people. His work ethics is also expressed in his receptiveness to the call of duty even if it meant sacrificing personal time to respond to emergencies at work. As a leader, one can find him at the frontline of his workforce; pushing his pencil on the drawing table, lifting a rock to clear the path, and most of all setting the direction and pace of the office towards its goal.

His hard work and determination were not put into waste for he was promoted OIC-Assistant Regional Director on February 23, 2009 and 19 months after providing exceptional service at DPWH Region XI, he is now serving the CARAGA Region as its OIC-Regional Director.

His work paradigm developed through his extensive government experience of thirty-four years in the Department. He started early in his career as a working student- a laborer at the Bureau of Public Works, City Engineering Office in Davao City in 1975. Determined on his career path, he worked on his Civil Engineering Degree at the University of Mindanao and later International Harvardian University from 1970 to 1981. On his final year as a student, he was promoted to Civil Engineering Aide I and later earned permanency in the government service as Water Rights Investigator. Not long after he passed the Licensure Exam for Civil Engineering in 1981 he got the position of Civil Engineer.

His technical and leadership skills were honed at the Regional Office for twenty years. In 2002, he led the Davao Oriental 2nd District Engineering Office (Mati) as District Engineer and three years later he was reassigned to Davao del Sur 2nd District Engineering Office (Malita).

He prepared himself for higher level positions. He got a study grant by the Australian Assistance for International Development (AUSAID) at the prestigious University of Sydney in Australia and a earned a degree on Master in Urban and Regional Planning in 1996. Upon his return, he became the chief-of-staff of former Regional Director Ernesro Silvila. It was during this time when he was promoted from Engineer III to Engineer V for his effective work attitude and qualifications.

When he became the Chief of the Planning and Design Division, he took and passed in 2001 the Career Executive Eligibility. He later became the Chief of the Maintenance Division. He was given a rank of CESO VI in September 2007.

He underwent leadership trainings for executives, environment impact assessment, project development appraisal, project management and supervision by PERT/CPM, project identification and programming system (PIPS), regional physical framework planning, development planning and investment programming, site supervising of labor base/equipment supported methods (for the supervision/management in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects), among others.

To expand his network, he became an active Board of Director of the Philippine National Red Cross, Davao Oriental Chapter; President of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers; Vice President for Mindanao of the District Engineers League of the Philippines (DELP); Member of the Association of Government Civil Engineers of the Philippines; and Member of the Road Engineering Association of the Philippines.

The discipline he got from his years of paying attention to his superiors, of learning from hands-on experience and experts here and abroad, of cultivating his profession through continued learning, and of sharing his passion and knowledge to others defines the kind of leader he is today- an intelligent leader who understands his job and knows the organization well.

Regional Director Danilo E. Versola was born on August 8, 1953 to Demetrio and Severa from Caba and Naguillan, La Union. He is happily married to Ferlinda Amores and proud father to Daryl, Derek and Danica.


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  1. i salute this man


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