Philsaga mining backs call for Mt. Magdiwata preservation

Philsaga mining backs call for Mt. Magdiwata preservation

By Anthony S. Allada

DAVAO CITY – The Philsaga Mining Corporation (PMC) has thrown its full support to those calling for the preservation of Mt. Magdiwata water shed area in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

Dr. Victor P. Salvado, Mindanao Philsaga Foundation President, said that their company has been operating in a couple of years and they are trying to it that their operation is within the bounds of the law and at the same time giving protection to the environment.

“We are sincere in our battlecry, that is, we are socially-responsible and environment-friendly mining company,” Salvado said.

This after reports claimed that Philsaga is allegedly engaged in mining activities in the gold-rich Mt. Magdiwata.

Recently, San Francisco Water District general manager Elmer T. Luzon was quoted as saying that the APMEDORO Mining Corporation is a subsidiary company of Philsaga. Luzon said that they issued a position paper opposing the entry of Apmedoro, which applied at the Mines and Geosciences Bureau of the

“Philsaga is operating since 2000 but ever since we are involved in mineral extraction within the bounds of the law. In Mt. Magdiwata, we are not operating there. We even share the sentiments of the San Francisco Water District to preserve the area which is the only source for potable water in the municipality,” Salvado said.

Hundreds of big-scale and small-scale mining companies are now reportedly engaged in mining activities in Mt. Magdiwata, which is about 1,658 hectares.

“What’s the logic of operating there illegally? For several years already, we are never engaged in mining clandestinely,” Salvado said.

He said that Philsaga will be happy to help the SFWD advocate for the preservation of the Mt. Magdiwata watershed area.

“We  are one with the SFWD and other non-government organizations advocating for the protection of the watershed area,” he said. (ASA)





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