TRENTO COUNCILOR PERMITA LAMBERTO The trailblazing woman leader


The trailblazing woman leader

By Anthony S. Allada


Living a few kilometers away from the municipal hall, first term municipal councilor Permita Lamberto has no qualms backriding on a Honda wave motorcycle to attend the council session.

Her driver is also her own private secretary, Jonathan Bonite, who was once a confidante of the former town mayor.

“She is really very simple but very hardworking municipal councilor,” comments Bonite.

Before being elected as a municipal councilor, Lamberto served as a three-term barangay kagawad in Todela. She was the committee chair on education and appropriation. And her great performance there was her vehicle to win the municipal council race in the 2010 national and local elections in Trento town in Agusan del Sur.

As a councilor, she is the committee chair on agrarian reform and housing and land utilization and vice chair on committee on women.

“Our priority projects as of now are the distribution of housing units to poor families. We have already houses ready for distribution,” Lamberto quips.

Unlike other council sessions where councilors have only to stay for two to three hours, Trento municipal councilmen spend the whole day to tackle significant issues and approve resolutions and ordinances. Tuesday is their council session.

Lamberto said if still given a chance, she would prefer to serve the people in nine years time so that she can continue to be of service to them.


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