Kitaotao: The Manobo homeland


Kitaotao: The Manobo homeland

uring the Spanish regime, a Manobo Tribe in Bukidnon, headed by Datu Tayaotao, was known among its neighboring settlements for his bravery and leadership.

When the Spaniards invaded Cotabato, in one of their drives to expand their colonial control over the Philippines, Datu Tayaotao was called upon for help by one Datu Muslim.

The combined forces of the Muslims and Manobo successfully repulsed the Spanish operation.A feast was declared by the Muslim chief to honor and thank Datu Tayaotao and his men.

During the feast, which is celebrated every 24th of September, the Muslim chief offered his only daughter to Datu Tayaotao to be his wife, as a reward and to strengthen the bond of the two tribes.

The wedding took place at Datu Tayaotao’s enclave, followed by a three day feast.

The Muslim Datu, overwhelmed by the gaiety and lavishness of the celebration, proclaimed and called Datu Tayaotao as Datu Kitaotao, the chief of the land of wealth. After his death, the locality was named after Datu Kitaotao.

Places of Interest

Quarry Cave

Harboring a unique ecosystem is the Quarry Cave located at the East Poblacion of Kitaotao, some 2 kms from the center of the Poblacion. The cave network is one characterized by abiotic components of water and the speleothems, such as stalactites, formed continually inside the cave. The cave is a rare kind. It is composed of several interconnected passages and has several ingress and egress which ranges from .60 meter to 19.10 meter in width, and from 1 meter to 6 meters in height.

Seagull Valley Mountain Resort

The untamed beauty of nature is readily experienced at Seagull Valley Mountain Resort where the resort facilities of swimming pools, benches, and day and overnight cottages are decorated with a sprawling garden of beautiful flowers. One is enveloped by its cool breeze, fresh air, and early morning or late afternoon fog while breathing in the spectacular sights seen from the viewing area; or from taking the mountain trail; or from trekking to the spot, some distance from the resort where the pristine waterfalls is nestled. Seagull Valley Mountain Resort is located at Barangay Lorega, Kitaotao; also about an hour and a half’s ride away from Davao City.

Kipilas  Falls

Covered with growth forest is Kipilas Falls located some distance from the Sitio Paraiso proper of Barangay Lorega, Kitaotao; along the Davao-Bukidnon National Highway. It measures 150 feet in height is 150 feet and 2.5 meters in width, and has a discharge of approximately 3.0 cubic meters per second.



MAYOR:              RAFISURA, Rodito B.

VICE MAYOR:   GAWILAN, Lorenzo, Jr. A.




NALA, Villarosa P.







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