AFP’s Bayanihan solution to “winning the peace”

AFP’s Bayanihan solution to “winning the peace”

The Armed Forces of the Philippine counter-insurgency is now focused and gives emphasis on community activities addressing the concerns of ordinary citizen in vulnerable areas. The ”Bayanihan” employs a two-pronged approach to finally solve the insurgency in the whole country which is the “whole of nation” and “people centered” approach.

The whole of nation approach, means that even the common people, the ordinary people should be involved in all community undertakings and development especially on peace and security and secondly, it’s a “people-centered” approach which gives primordial consideration to human security which advocacy to human rights and international humanitarian law is paramount.

The new anti-insurgency strategy is far different from the previous campaign strategy, however, the overall goal of winning the peace remains the same. The new approach would give emphasis and focus on community development, strengthening all sectors of society on their involvement in peace efforts and convergence while still remains vigilant to against armed groups and lawless elements protecting the citizens and the community for a lasting peace towards development.

The new campaign is a total paradigm shift in winning the peace for the whole country in line with the government’s peace and security plans and programs. “Winning the peace” also means getting people to be with the government and AFP and getting those who advocate armed struggle realize the futility of their efforts with no positive end state at all. The plan is an overall effort of all stakeholders including local governments and “leftist” representatives because they have been part in the formulation and being consulted during its conceptualization to finally ensure its success. It’s not a campaign plan only of the military, it’s a campaign plan of all stakeholders who wants peace to reign in the country.

The Armed Forces leadership is convinced that the new strategy is the answer to the persistence of the communist armed struggle, considering that the forces of the Communist Party of the Philippines- New People’s Army (CPP/NPA) have been dwindled to inconsequential level and continue their members are returning to the folds of law to live normal. Likewise, under the new strategy, respect for human rights and good governance would be the most important parts of the strategy which was internalized by members of the nation’s security forces.


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