Army’s 67th IB pushes for development

Army’s 67th IB pushes for development

The  67th Infantry (Agila) Battalion, Philippine Army, pushes for development in different barangays of Davao Oriental.

This has been another milestone for the Philippine Armys effort in delivering peace and development to communities thru its Peace and Development Outreach Program (PDOP).

Livelihood projects such as the Gulayan ng Masa and fish production provided the locals great opportunity to have an additional income. In fact six barangays of Baganga already adopted the Gulayan ng Masa to include Mahan-ub, Campawan, Batiano, Mikit, Dapnan and Batawan where residents are now regularly selling their vegetables. While three barangays, namely Mahan-ub, Batawan and Bobonao, have started their fish production.

Today, the detachment already delivered their fresh harvest farm fish to the market. They have also harvested 3 kilos of pechay for P40/kl, 3 kilos of upland kangkong at P10/bundle and 3 kilos of mushrooms at P100/kl. They are expecting more harvest from their vegetable garden and more mushrooms in the coming days. In three months time they are also expecting to harvest around three thousand tilapia. These projects are managed by the Barangay Defense System/Barangay Development System of Baganga.

Among the ten barangays of Tarragona, five barangays already adopted the Gulayan ng Masa, three barangays have started mushroom culture, and one barangay started its own fish production.

In Tarragona, this is the first time that Civilian Army Auxiliary (CAA) is involved in the program. Now, the Tarragona detachment has a model integrated farm of vegetables, mushroom and fish production so other barangays could emulate.

The training in fish and vegetable production, disposal of fish fingerlings and vegetable seeds are jointly undertaken by 67th IB, Barangay Extension Workers, Municipal Agriculture Office and Provincial High Value Products Office, all under the Department of Agriculture.

These barangay based projects are also managed by BDS and is also part of Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Malanyaon’s Pagkain at Kita program.

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