Army Camp offers new attractions

An army camp turned eco-tourism park in Compostela Valley Province is being geared up for its caving attractions.

Just last month Camp Manuel Yan, headquarters of the Army’s 10th Infantry Division became a eco-tourism park open to the public. One of its main attractions is an untouched cave formation located near the camp and which is being preserved and protected together with the local government.

The camp located in barangay Tuburan, in the municipality of Mawab is named after former Armed Forces chief-of-staff General Manuel Tecson Yan. Who oversaw the signing of the GRP-MNLF peace process in 1996.

The 10th ID transferred to the camp in February of this year after being based in Camp Panacan, Davao City.

Major General Jorge Segovia has said that the Division is in the process of developing other sites in the area as he invited the public to explore the hidden natural wonders of the camp/ park. According to Maj. Gen. Segovia the development of the park is the 10th ID’s way of reaching to the community and welcoming them to their humble abode.

The launching of the caving tour was attended by about 50 young leaders coming from the Youth for Peace Movement in Mawab, Compostela who got to explore the Sitio Mahayahay cave. Governor Arturo Uy has urged the public to visit the camp to witness the enticing natural beauty of Compostela Valley.

The development of the camp/park is in collaboration with the provincial government of Compostela Valley under Governor Uy.

Having Army camps turned into parks had earlier started in Sarangani Province also by another unit of the 10th infantry division. Named as Fort Sarangani, the park which offers a breathtaking view of nearby Sarangani Bay is located inside the headquarters of the 73rd Infantry Battalion in the town of Maasim.


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