Civilians caught in the crossfire between rebels and government troops must be compensation and given other benefits under the law, Camarines Sur Lawmaker Diosdado “Dato” Macapagal Arroyo insists.

“It is the numerous innocent civilians caught in the crossfire between rebels and government soldiers who suffer most,” Dato Arroyo said.

The young Bicol lawmaker, with his mother and Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as co-author, is urging Congress to fast track approval of HB 5225 which contains the proposed “Civilian Compensation Act of 2011.”

There shall be established Civilian Compensation Fund to be administered by the Commission on Human Rights which, he said, shall promulgate the rules and regulation necessary to effectively implement the proposed statute,

Also vital to the measure is the support amount of five million pesos (P5-M) authorized from the funds of the National Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and thereafter, shall form part of the regular

budget of the Commission on Human rights.

Arroyo is proposing that any civilian, who is neither a rebel nor a member of the military, shall be entitled to an indemnity in the amount not exceeding P30,000 in case of death, and a reimbursement for

the necessary expenses incurred for hospitalization, medical treatment, loss of wage, and the like, in case of injury.

Further, if in case said civilian is compelled by the military to leave his or her residence prior to a military campaign, the Commission shall provide emergency housing, food and medical benefits

to said civilians. Likewise, in case the civilian incurs material loss, the Commission shall indemnify the former the necessary amount to cover said loss.

Section 5 of the proposed Act states: “Any civilian, his or her family, or any person dependent upon said civilian (victim) for support may file a claim with the Commission within six (6) months after the death, injury, compulsory abandonment of one’s residence or occurrence of similar events that resulted to material loss.”


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