Solon wants to upgrade the salary grade of sanitation inspectors

A lawmaker has filed a measure upgrading the positions of sanitation inspectors to the next higher salary grade.

Rep. Edgar San Luis (4th District, Laguna), author of House Bill 5314, said upgrading the salary grade of sanitation inspectors will make the position competitive and will encourage more people to apply for the position.

“The bill would inspire them to accomplish their functions of providing health care with utmost perseverance and dedication,” San Luis said.

San Luis said the bill will address the grassroots problems in implementation of health programs and sanitation standards that will uplift the living conditions in the community.

Under the bill, the positions of sanitation inspector to be upgraded to the next higher salary grades (SG) are as follows: Sanitation Inspector I, from SG 06 to SG 09; Sanitation Inspector I,

from SG 08 to SG 11; Sanitation Inspector III, from SG 11 to SG 13; Sanitation Inspector IV, from SG 13 to SG 15; and Sanitation Inspector V, from SG 15 to SG 17.

“The present ratio of sanitation personnel at one inspector for every 4,000 population is far from ideal. They can hardly fulfill their primary function of safeguarding the health of the people in the communities where they are assigned,” San Luis said.

San Luis said sanitation personnel worked together with the rural health units in the prevention of epidemics and outbreaks of all kinds of diseases such as dengue, cholera, meningococcemia and other killer diseases.

San Luis said all efforts should be directed towards the protection and promotion of health.

“There is a need to update and codify the various sanitary laws to ensure that are abreast with modern standards of sanitation and provide a handy reference and guide for their enforcement,” San Luis


“We must discuss sanitation problems like garbage segregation programs, hospital waste handling, streamlining of existing sanitation and health codes into one comprehensive code,” San Luis said.

The bill mandates the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in coordination with the Department of Budget and Management (DMB) to issue necessary rules and regulations in the

implementation of the proposed act.


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