Promoting BAYANIHAN system in Davao Oriental

The 28th Infantry Battalion (IB) of the Philippine Army based in Lupon, Davao Oriental has been promoting the BAYANIHAN system in order to win the fight against insurgency and wage community outreach programs rather than armed confrontation.

This is according to Lt. Col. Leopoldo Imbang, the battalion commander of the 28th IB, adding such approach is gradually gaining grounds in his area and that the civilians are cooperating well with them because of the established healthy camaraderie among them.

Imbang said they have regular meetings and dialogues with different tribal communities in their area that included, Mati City and Lupon, Tarragona, San Isidro and Banay-banay towns.

“I believe that we can pursue a long-lasting and permanent peace and development through more community outreach programs. To inform the people what we are doing,” he said.

Imbang said soldiers can bridge the gap between the people and the government by asking the people in the hinterlands their immediate needs and after learning them they will bring the matter to the government for appropriate action.

He said what they are promoting is the “bayanihan” system where there is “one job with the help of everybody.”






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