Power-grabbing behind filing of case before Ombuds: LTO 12 regional director

By Anthony S. Allada

The regional director of the Land Transportation Office 12 has seen power-grabbing as behind the filing of charges recently against him before the Office of the Ombudsman for Mindanao.

Director Arlan Mangelen said that he finds no other motive other than envy on his position as one of the youngest LTO top heads in Central Mindanao.

Mangelen was charged for  slight physical injuries/maltreatment, grave threats, gross misconduct and grave abuse of authority by three officers of  the Alliance of Concerned Transport Organizations (ACTO).

The complainants, ACTO national president Efren de Luna, Arnelio Manigo and Paterno Pausal, alleged that their complaint stemmed from a visit on October 5, 2011 at the office of the LTO 12 located at Bonifacio St., Koronadal City.

They said that on that day they purposely wanted to visit Putiwas Malambot, the assistant regional director, who also happens to be their friend.

Malabot entertained them and later they took some pictures, allegedly to document their visit.

On their way out of the building to leave the place, they alleged that someone approached them and told them to ask permission first from the regional director first before taking pictures.

Luna further alleged that as a sign of courtesy, he reportedly approached Mangelen to give his calling card and introduce himself but Mangelen allegedly got mad and berated them for taking pictures without his knowledge and permission.

He added that a mob of about seven persons allegedly started to harass them and physically assault them by boxing and kicking them.

Mangelen was also quoted by the complainants of threatening them by saying, “Papatayin ko kayo? May mga baril ba kayo? Barilan tayo dito!”

However, Mangelen refuted all the allegations, claiming that all of them are all lies and fabricated stories.

He admitted of confronting the three for taking pictures of his office without proper permission from him but never issued invictives and harsh words.

“The people there who are present during the commotion can attest that I am acting properly as a public official and in fact the ones who acted hysterically are the three,” he said.

He said that he has yet to receive the formal complaint from the Ombudsman and he is ready to submit his counter-affidavit, refuting all the allegations.

Mangelen said that the complainants are friends of Malambot, who himself longs before to be the LTO 12 regional director.

Malambot is already the assistant regional director before Mangelen assumed office on May 2, 2011 prior to being the Chief-Of-Staff of Maguindanao First District Representative Bai Sandra Sema.

Mangelen, Malambot and five others applied for the LTO top position but Mangelen was the lucky one whose appointment was signed by no less than President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

The former LTO 12 regional director was Sheik Mustafah, who already retired from government service. (ASA)



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