Calls to increase chalk allowance mount

The move to increase to P2,000 the P700-annual allowance of classroom
teachers for classroom supplies and materials as provided in the
annual appropriations for the Department of Education (DepEd) is fast
gaining ground in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Winston Castelo (3rd District, Quezon City) filed House
Resolution 1736 calling on the House Committee on Appropriations to
ask the DepEd to adjust chalk allowance of teachers for inclusion in
its 2012 budget.

Castelo said each public school teacher is allotted with an annual
chalk allowance of P700 or P3.50 per day for 203 school days every
“This amount of government subsidy for chalk allowance ceases to be
realistic at the present time,” Castelo said.

Castelo said it is high time that the budget for the school supplies
and materials, specifically for chalk, be adjusted and increased to
P2,000 to make teachers more motivated, driven and more proud of their
noble profession.

“This is to provide the teachers with the fair incentive since the
subsidy deficit will no longer have to affect the teachers’ own
finances,” Castelo added.
Earlier, Rep. Antonio Tinio (Party-list, ACT Teachers) filed House
Bill 4134, to provide an allowance for classroom supplies from P700 to
P2,000 (P9.85 per day) to relieve the country’s public school teachers
of the onerous financial burden.

“The meager amount is not enough to cover the costs, not only of
chalk, but also of other supplies such as erasers, pens, pencils,
notebooks, class records, Manila paper, cartolina, bond paper, art
paper, and others that are essential for the daily functions of
teaching and learning in the classroom,” Tinio said.

The measure also mandates the Secretary of Education to conduct a
periodic review of the Teaching Supplies allowance, taking into
account the current prices of classroom supplies and if warranted,
recommend the necessary increase in the amount of the allowance.


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