Maco Youth For Peace conquers TAYO awards

Maco Youth For Peace conquers TAYO awards

By Lesly Ann P. Bangoy

T-A-Y-O! A four letter word that encompasses many meaning when one would hear it. TAYO in tagalog means “stand”, “we” or a “bf-gf relationship”. But there’s more to it. TAYO is the abbreviation for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization, a yearly search which aims to recognize the works of the youth. We thought it was just a ‘mere’ search not until…

Never in our wildest dream have we thought of being a National finalist of the search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO). We come face to face and shook hands with the President himself, his Excellency Benigno Simeon Aquino III. It was like a fairy tale story as Maco Youth Peace took part in the 2011 National Awarding last October 27, 2011 at Malañang, Manila.

Our story started when we heard about TAYO from the Provincial 4-H Coordinator Mrs. Nelma Aranton and Municipal 4-H Coordinator, Ms. Christy Joy Calahong. These two angels have seen how the youth of Maco actively do their part in helping the community. With their outmost encouragement, Maco YFP joined the TAYO without any thoughts of winning but just to present what the youth of Maco have done. The group was even unaware that what we are joining is a prestigious search which aims to recognize, reward, and encourage youth organizations. TAYO is also being hailed as the county’s leading search for outstanding groups of young Filipinos who were instrumental in the development of their school or community.

On September 5, 2011, the TAYO Validators from Davao conducted a field validation to Maco YFP held at Maco Municipal Hall. The veracity of the documents that speak about the organization’s programs and projects were subjected to extensive research and on-site visits. Luckily, the organization passed the screening and was chosen by the panel to be part of the Area Finals for Mindanao. The Mindanao Area Finals was held last September 22-23, 2011 at Grand Regal Hotel, Lanang, Davao City. Ten organizations from Mindanao competed during the Area Finals, five of which were chosen to represent Mindanao in the National Judging.  Maco YFP triumphantly made it as the only organization representing Compostela Valley Province together with the youth organizations from Davao City, Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga and Maguindanao.

Inspired by our learning’s in the Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) conducted by the 1001st PAG-ASA Brigade headed by COL Roberto D Dominez and 71st Infantry (KAIBIGAN) Battalion headed by LTC Camilo Z Ligayo, the Maco Youth for P-E-A-C-E, which stands for Plant, Eat, Act, Care, Empower serves as our project entry for the 9th TAYO search. PLANT where we initiate tree planting activities; EAT, which supports feeding programs to pre-schoolers and kids, share foods to the members by having a boodle fight; ACT, wherein we participated Peace Rallies and spearheaded Music Seminars and Battle of the Band; CARE, where we provide slippers and school supplies to less fortunate children, initiated Clean-up Drive Activities as our means of caring the environment; and EMPOWER, which we conducted  the Youth Interacts offering teambuilding activities, talks and sharing’s about leadership. Throughout these activities, the Philippine Army untiringly supports and motivates us. This 5-point program addresses our response to the challenge of unending issues of insurgency, involvement to crimes, drug addiction, malnutrition and environmental problems as we were able to combine the powers of the seven youth sectors: Out-Of-School Youth, In-School Youth, Sangguniang Kabataan, Indigenous Group, Muslim Sector, 4-H Maco and School Leaders.

With knees shaking and heart pounding, I, as the organization representative delivered a 5-minute power point presentation and was subjected to a 7-minute Question & Answer process. Facing a panel of 15 private, media and government personalities like Senator Kiko N. Pangilinan, Paolo Benigno A. Aquino IV-President TAYO Awards Foundation, Riza Honteveros, Sab Magallona (celebrity judge) was indeed a nerve wracking experience. I was quite nervous but very overwhelmed by the presence and moral support of our dear mentors from 71st Infantry (KAIBIGAN) Battalion: Lt Jose Carlos Coruña & Lt Ari Ben Hernaez, Niña Cabanatan- PYAP Coordinator, Christy Joy Calahong- 4H Municipal Coordinator, Saima Alauya Jialil- Rep. Muslim Youth Sector, Pablito Quidato Jr.- Rep. IP Youth Sector, Lea Mae Langgahin- SK Municipal Federation President & Stephanie Mae Bangoy- YFP Member.

We may not win but as National Finalist, we were able to receive a grant of Php 20, 000 intended to fund new projects or continue the organization’s long-term programs. An especially commissioned trophy sculpted by Mr. Tomy De Leon Imao and a gift certificate from Jollibee was also given. Standing there in the Heroes Hall, Malacañang was a once in a lifetime experience. Though unimaginable, from the 600 organizations in which 202 applied on- line, Maco YFP, as one of the youngest group was there together with the top 20 organizations all over the Philippines. Being a part of the TAYO National Finalist was more than winning as well. There, we were able to see and realize how other organizations implemented different projects despite problems and struggles.

All this experience clearly shows, the efforts of young people in nation-building is vital to creating a sense of leadership—both personally and organizationally. Each has a story to tell and ours is a story that inspires the trust of others, particularly when they are specifically needed for the task at hand. Our capabilities as a youth also give us the self-confidence that we can do what needs to be done especially in propagating peace.

The end in mind here is to develop the sense of responsibility and to match them to the tasks at hand—to create the best possible alignment between the natural gifts, our passions, our skills, knowledge, and style and the opportunity to help, contribute, to make a difference. Hand in hand with our linkages from the LGU under the leadership of Mayor Arthur Carlos Voiltaire Rimando: Municipal Social Welfare & Development (MSWD), Provincial & Municipal 4-H, Municipal Youth Development Council (MYDC), Municipal Nutrition Council, Sangguniang Kabataan; 1001st PAG-ASA Brigade-10th ID; 71st KAIBIGAN Battalion-7th ID, Office of the Governor & Board Members, Barangay Officials, etc., we hope to continue and share this 5-point program to other Municipalities of Compostela Valley as we wished to make ComVal a province not merely for gold’s but for precious gems embodied in the youth.

To top it all, we envision ourselves as a youth organization that supports the LGU in promoting peace and development in its community, breeding new youthful leaders despite of our diversity having one common goal for the development of all.



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  1. Posted by Lesly on January 6, 2012 at 11:56 am

    WOW! Ngayon ko lang nalaman toh! thank you poh for posting this one here..! PEACE CLAP!


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