Going beyond the limits

A tribute to birthday celebrator Lt. Col. Camilo Ligayo

Today marks another milestone of the happiest day of his life. On this very day, Lt. Col. Camilo Ligayo came into existence. From that day on, he does not have any idea that his life is going towards a very meaningful one, to become a SOLDIER.

Through the years, he hurdles the hard life in the mountains, being assigned in various areas all over the country. He has no qualms about them. In fact, he feels a sense of contentment in every achievement he can contribute to the unit he belongs.

But there is something unique in him, he is an example of a good provider to his family. For him, there is nothing wrong in cultivating our entrepreneurial skills to have an additional income. Since he was still an Army lieutenant, he was already engaged in vegetable-oriented and handcrafts business.

Now as a battalion commander of the 71st Infantry Battalion based in Pantukan, Compostela Valley, he keeps on guiding his men to go beyond the limits.  According to him, farming or vegetable cultivation is one of the productive and lucrative businesses if one can properly handle it.

No wonder, most of his men now are business-oriented, getting additional income from “bigasan”, barbeque stick making, among others.

Thanks to this man who keeps on going the limits.

Happy birthday Sir. Wish you more birthdays to come.


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