Solon seeks free hospitalization for indigent senior citizens

   Indigent senior citizens will soon get free hospitalization under a
bill mandating government-owned public hospitals to grant them free
hospitalization services.

    Rep. Winston Castelo (2nd District, Quezon City) filed House Bill
5176 as a gesture of government acknowledging how indigent senior
citizens have worked hard and helped so much in nation building during
their productive years.

    “Giving free hospitalization is deemed a refund on the labors, toils
and taxpayers money that they have given to government when these
senior citizens used to be in their productive state,” Castelo said.

    Under the bill, senior citizens are those who at the prime of their
lives have contributed immensely to nation building and were long time

Castelo said as provided for in the Constitution, it is the declared
policy of the State to promote a just and dynamic social order that
will ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the
people from poverty through policies that provide adequate social
services, promote full employment, a rising standard of living and an
improved quality of life.

“Article XV, Section 4 of the Constitution specifically states that it
is the duty of the family to take care of its elderly members while
the State may design programs of social security for them,” Castelo

    Under the measure, every public hospital owned by the national
government should grant free hospitalization to the elderly,
specifically 60 years old and above.

    The Department of Health (DOH) is mandated to issue the appropriate
rules and regulations to effectively carry out the provision of the
proposed act.


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