Electrical Safety tips for Christmas decors

Yuletide season is fast approaching and everyone is already busy decorating their homes with festive decorations and colorful Christmas lights. These things really bring about an atmosphere of holiday cheer. However, safety must still be the primary concern in households as these illuminated decors are sometimes the culprit when it comes to holiday fires.

To avoid these incidents, Davao Light and Power Company recommends the following electrical safety tips.

Don’t Leave Your Christmas Lights On Unattended

Most major fires start this way. Have your Christmas tree lights, illuminated decor and parols on only while you are home and aware of them. If you’re leaving the house or going to bed, turn them off. Unplug the lights that don’t have off switches or use power adaptors.

Choose Safer Christmas Lights

If you can, avoid using cheap substandard Christmas lights and pay for quality—getting reliable lights is a decent investment. Make sure your Christmas tree lights, parols, lamps and other electrical devices are functioning properly and are not damaged in any way.

For outdoor lights, make sure they’re certified for outdoor use.

Fix or Replace Damaged Christmas Lights

If you see broken bulbs, replace them with new ones—get help from your local hardware store to determine the right kind. For exposed wires, cracked sockets or any other kind of damage, have your electrician repair them or discard them.

Don’t Overload

Make sure you don’t plug all your Christmas lights in one set of outlets so as not to overload your circuit breaker. Don’t plug too many lights, decorations and appliances into a power strip or extension cord adaptor.

Educating ourselves with these simple Christmas electrical safety tips (www.smartparenting.com) is a better way to do before we start decorating our home for the holidays.

Christmas would not be merrier than knowing and observing all necessary safety precautions while we celebrate the yuletide season and fill our homes with these beautiful Christmas decorations.




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