Solon wants to establish stem cell center in the country

A lawmaker is proposing the establishment of a stem cell center to
strengthen research on stem cell technology as a potential cure for
some diseases once considered incurable.

Rep. Carmelo F. Lazatin (1st District, Pampanga), principal author of
House Bill 5287, said the proposed center is mandated to undertake
appropriate health and manpower development and research responsive to
the country’s health needs and problems.

Lazatin said stem cell treatment is a type of regenerative medicine
that introduces new cells into damaged tissues to treat a disease or

“Many countries have started tapping stem cell’s potential on their
medical research to find cure to diseases like cancer, heart attacks
and other cardiovascular anomalies, Parkinson’s and different birth
defects,” Lazatin said.

He cited the studies being done in the United States, the country that
started research on stem cells, which create an array of scientific
advances and medical applications.

“South Africa followed suit in 2004, creating a stem cell bank while
China recently passed a legislation allowing research on stem cell,”
Lazatin said.

Lazatin also cited Singapore, dubbed as the Asia’s stem cell center,
with over 40 stem cell research groups in the country.

“The benefits of the stem cell are overwhelming to be simply ignored
by the government because many Filipinos are suffering from different
diseases that could be treated and cured by this medical
breakthrough,” Lazatin said.

The bill provides the establishment of a Stem Cell Center of the
Philippines, to be headed by a Medical Doctor and under the direct
supervision and control of the Secretary of the Department of Health.

The center shall conduct and support basic and applied research to
develop techniques for the isolation, derivation, production, testing
and storing of stem cells that can be used for research and treatment
of disease and other adverse health conditions.

The center’s main objective shall be to establish the mechanisms for
the dissemination and utilization of research in stem cell; to make
sure that the techniques used in the research involving human cells
are clearly consistent with the standards established under the law;
to ensure that health research and development activities are utilized
to improve people’s health and understanding of the stem cell
treatments for diseases and other health conditions.


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