Davao vice mayor wants death penalty back

DAVAO CITY – Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte supports the call to return the death penalty especially for human and drug traffickers.

“But, between the two, kanang human trafficking ang dapat i-death penalty. Kana bang tawo na dalaon sa gawas human ibaligya as slavery, init jud kaayo ko sa inyo (Between the two crimes, I most want death penalty imposed on human trafficking; the crime where persons are shipped out and then sold as slaves. My temper flares against these people),” Duterte said in his television program Sunday.

He said that human trafficking involves treachery since no one would willingly become a slave.

“The victim will definitely be duped. There have been many here from Davao who have disappeared because of human trafficking,” Duterte added.

This is why he wants death penalty for this, saying a person who thrives in a business that sells his fellowmen deserves nothing less than lethal injection.

“For a person to sell another person is a most despicable act that’s why I am infuriated by that,” he said.

Human traffickers deserve to be shot at People’s Park),” Duterte added. (ASA)


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