Lawmakers urge Congress to fast track the passage of the proposed inventors incentive act

Lawmakers  urged Congress to fast track the passage of a bill
seeking to harness and intensify the promotion of local inventions to
make them more competitive and productive in the global market.

“Globalization dictates the need for competitiveness.  We believe in
the ingenuity of Filipinos,” said Rep. Irwin Tieng (Party-list,
Buhay), one of the authors of House Bill 2038 or the proposed
“Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of 2011.”

The bill, now pending with the Committee on Government Reorganization
chaired by Rep. Cesar Jalosjos (3rd District, Zamboanga del Norte), is
seeking the restoration of the Philippine Inventors Commission to
encourage the generation, development, manufacture, promotion and
market of Filipino inventions.

Tieng noted that the Technology Application and Promotion Institute
(TAPI) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is taking
the lead in implementing Republic Act 7459, the law providing
incentives to Filipino inventors and inventions.

“R.A. 7459 only expanded the function of TAPI but had difficulties
providing the necessary support mechanism that will have a significant
impact on the sector,” Tieng said.

Tieng said R.A. 3850 had created such an agency as the Inventors
Commission but was abolished by Executive Order 128 when the
bureaucracy was reorganized during the administration of then
President Corazon Aquino.

Rep. Mariano Michael Velarde (Partylist, Buhay), another author of the
bill, said there is a growing and strong wave of globalization which
makes it imperative for the country to re-institute an agency like the
Inventors Commission.

“The commission will play a vital role in science and technology,
competitiveness and productivity for the country to survive in the
stiff fight for development capital and economic efficiency,” Velarde

Under the bill, the proposed Commission will continue the
accreditation of inventors and inventors’ associations and will handle
the Inventions Development Assistance Fund which is at least 12% of
the DOST-TAPI operational fund.

Likewise, the Commission is mandated to render technical assistance to
inventors in the preparation of the disclosure, description, abstract,
claims, drawings and other documents relating to the patent
application, under certain terms and conditions, and to render legal
assistance in the filing of patent applications here and abroad, and
in protecting said patents from infringement.

The agency shall also help facilitate assistance from local and
international institutions on the development of inventions and
develop and establish import and export assistance programs and help
inventors find markets for their inventions here and abroad.

“These are some vital aspects where government can help promote
Filipino ingenuity,” Velarde said, adding that the agency should also
help organize, in coordination with other government agencies,
creative societies in schools, colleges and universities to promote
and encourage inventiveness among our youth and citizenry.


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