Barangay officials to be covered by GSIS

Two Party-list lawmakers are pushing for a measure that seeks to
recognize barangay officials in the country as government employees by
putting them under the coverage of the Government Service Insurance
System (GSIS).

Bayan Muna Reps. Neri Colmenares and Teddy Casiño filed House Bill
5637, which will be known as “An Act Providing Pension Benefits for
Barangay Officials”.

The two legislators noted that barangay officials remain unrecognized
government employees despite the fact that barangay council serves as
the nearest link of the people to the government, thus depriving them
of the benefits that government employees enjoy.

Colmenares said by recognizing them as government employees and
putting them under the coverage of the GSIS, barangay officials will
be enjoying regular salaries, insurance coverage and retirement

HB 5637 expands the coverage of the GSIS by including barangay
officials as members of the System so that they can avail of its
pension benefits.

The bill further provides that the GSIS in consultation and
coordination with the Department of Interior and Local Government
(DILG) and the league representing barangay captains and officials
shall issue the necessary rules and regulations to implement
provisions of this act.

The rules and regulations shall cover the rate of premiums and the
manner of its payment, the extent of insurance coverage, the
contributions to be collected from barangay officials and the possible
contributions of provinces, cities, municipalities, possible funds
that may be sourced from the General Appropriations Act, and other
issues needed to implement this Act.

The bill specified that barangay officials who will be included in the
GSIS coverage are the Punong Barangay, Barangay Kagawads, Barangay
Secretary and the Barangay Treasurer.

Based on the Local Government Code of 1991, barangay officials are
compensated in the form of an honorarium of an amount not less than
P1,000 per month for the Punong Barangay and P600 each per month for
the Sangguniang Barangay members, barangay Treasurer and Secretary,
which may be increased or adjusted.

Even if the honoraria has an equivalent salary grade, they will
continue to receive compensation in the form of honoraria as specified
in Section 393 of R. A. 7160, “barangay officials shall only receive
honoraria, allowances and other emoluments.”


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