Hotline launched to monitor school fee hike

DAVAO CITY – The Kabataan party-list launched Friday the “Kabataan Hotline” to gather complaints from parents and students regarding school violations on tuition and other school fee increases.

“We launch the ‘Kabataan Hotline’ in order to reach out to parents and students from all over Davao City and to gather reports about Higher Educational Institutions’ (HEIs) violation with regard to the collection of fees,” said Ronnie Clarion, regional spokesperson for Kabataan party-list-Southern Mindanao Region.

“We now have an initial report of private HEIs that violated the tuition consultation policy. We will definitely file complaints against these schools this month,” Clarion added.

According to earlier statements from Commission on Higher Education (Ched) in Davao Region, 20 private HEIs applied for tuition increase in the region, 13 of which come from Davao City.

Ched set the deadline of consultations for tuition increase on February 28.

“There is no genuine and democratic consultation in the circumstance in which the school administration would only present their proposal to the students with no alternative. Ched and the HEIs act as if the so-called consultation is a mere procession,” Clarion said.

Clarion urged college students and their parents to report any violations on tuition and miscellaneous fees to “Kabataan Hotline.”

Clarion reiterated that “tuition hike freeze remains the resounding demand of parents and students. Ched allows yearly increase of tuition and other fees to the detriment of millions of students who are forced to drop out. Because of Ched’s apparent softness to these HEIs, we are expecting massive complaints or reports from students and parents alike.”

“The degrading quality of education system because of state neglect leaves us with no choice but to counter it with militancy and vigilance. The youth are prepared to do actions in order make Ched and the Aquino administration fulfill the people’s demand for quality and accessible education,” he said.

The hotline can be reached at numbers 221-6589 and 0929-536-7113.


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