NSCB XI releases the 2012 compendium of women and men in Davao Region

DAVAO CITY — In a continuing effort to provide relevant statistics to various stakeholders and in line with the celebration of International Women’s Month as well, the National Statistical Coordination Board XI (NSCB-XI) has released the 2012 issue of the Compendium of Women and Men in Region XI.

In its website, the NSCB said that the issue, which is already available as of March 1, contains relevant statistical information of selected indicators disaggregated by sex as of 2011.

“Selected indicators include population and families, employment, agriculture and agrarian reform, education, health and nutrition, social welfare, public life and peace and human rights,” the NSCB said.

Among the highlights of the released statistics was the total population of women and men in the region where there are already 2,025,649 women and 2,122,262 men. The age ranging from  5 to 9 has the most number of population with 233,010 women and 247,265 men.

Also, the data also showed married people to have the most number of population with 709,280 women and 702,542 men, single with  632,172 women and 771,191 men, widowed with 91,741 women and 32,004 men, divorced/separated with 18,312 women and 13,479 men, and common-law/live-in with 93,913 women and 91,899 men. (Anthony S. Allada)


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