Davao solon urges Comelec to clean up padded voter list

DAVAO CITY – Rep. Karlo Nograles urged the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to address the issue of double registration in the region as the country gears up for the 2013 midterm polls.

Nograles said that the poll body should address the issue immediately to ensure a clean and honest elections starting from the upcoming elections.

“The Comelec must cleanse the registry of voters before the elections in 2013 to ensure that the will of the people is truly respected,” he said.

He also said that since they have the evidences on the case, they could file the proper case on the flying voters, noting that once caught, they could be facing criminal charges.

“Since they have the evidence the can file the proper case to remove those who have registered more than once,” Nograles said.

However, he said that it is “quite a big job” for the poll body to file cases on all the flying voters “but they (COMELEC) should do all possible actions to correct it.”

“That is why we long advocated for full biometrics, not only during registration but especially during voting proper. Ideally, we must follow the rule ‘no biometrics, no vote’ to ensure that there will be no flying voters, no multiple votes, no ghost voters, etc.” Nograles said.

Reports have showed that the poll body already identified 236,000 double registrants in their Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao list of voters.

The poll body said that that it is needful to buy new machines to ensure that the new registration is completed by May. (ASA)


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