Lawmakers laud brains behind Mind Museum

Two party-list legislators want to commend the driving force behind
the establishment of the Mind Museum, the first world-class science
museum in the country that promotes science learning to the different
sectors of Philippine society.

In House Resolution 2226, Reps. Angelo Palmones (Party-list, AGHAM)
and Reena Concepcion Obillo (Party-list, Una ang Pamilya) said the
Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) should be acclaimed and honored
for putting up the first science museum in the country with its
primary purpose of educating the public on science and developing
scientific literacy.

Palmones said promoting public understanding of science and technology
is a growing strategy in the development of scientifically literate

“Science and technology have been recognized drivers of economic
development and progress.  A scientifically literate population would
have the capability and capacity to cope with the present challenges
of the economy and the environment,” Palmones said.

Obillo said science museums and science centers are accepted tools to
breed scientific literacy.  Through science museum and science
centers, the public will have the opportunity to see, hear, taste,
touch and learn science in an interesting and enjoyable manner.

“Through interactive exhibits and display, science museum visitors
will learn both science concept and its application to daily living,”
Obillo said.
The P1-billion Mind Museum, which is situated right at the heart of
Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, opened on March 16, 2012 for the
Filipino public to enjoy and learn science through the 250 “minds-on
and hands-on” interactive exhibits being showcased in its five
galleries, namely, universe, atom, life, earth and technology.
It also has an outdoor Science in the Park where visitors can learn
science by enjoying and rediscovering anew, through play, the wonder
of nature’s elements, such as sunlight, wind, water and greenery; a
botanical garden; an auditorium and a laboratory.
Manny Blas, BAFI managing director, said the board commissioned the
Science Centre Singapore and Jack Rouse Associates to make the museum
truly world-class.
Blas said Science Center Singapore, one of the leading science centers
in the world with 30 years of experience in operating a museum, was
the planning consultant while the exhibition master plan was
undertaken by Jack Rouse and Associates (Cincinnati, USA), recognized
as among the top 10 museum and theme park designers in the world.
The authors said the world-class Mind Museum can eventually become a
must see tourist destination which will greatly benefit the economy.


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