Villar backs state subsidy for the sugar industry

Former Las Piñas Representative Cynthia Villar is batting for government subsidy for the sugar industry in preparation for the zero tariff on imported sugar in 2015.

Villar said being part of the agriculture sector, the sugar industry needs government protection on the agreement, which our government is also a signatory.

She also said the government needs to review its policy to better prepare the industry so that locally produced sugar could also compete with imported sugar from other countries.

Villar also said that since our country’s leaders have good relationship with the US, they should take advantage of it to make sure to keep the country’s sugar quota in the US.

Villar also said that because of the future situation the local sugar producers should always strive now for better output and sources efficiency and also begin to shift to other industries aside from sugar.

Meanwhile, Villar hit the government’s decision to reduce the subsidies for state colleges and universities.

“I don’t agree with the government’s move to reduce its subsidies to the state colleges and universities. There’s no limit to what you can give to education because all of us agree that if you want people to improve, we have to be educated,” Villar said.

She said the government should also think to provide equal opportunities for education for both the rich and the poor.

Villar was in Murcia town on Thursday for the 50th Anniversary of Central Philippine Adventist College.

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