The man named JV Ejercito

San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor (JV)  Ejercito is an epitome of an excellent young public servant, always concerned with the interest of his compatriots, over and above his personal political career. His phenomenal governance as Mayor of San Juan for nine years, along with his conviction to make a difference in the lives of the masses has shown a new type of public servant.

Since he assumed the public spotlight, JV believes that he is called upon to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of the Filipino masses, especially on the youth. His JV Ejercito Scholarship Foundation has already benefited 1,000 college scholars as of this writing. He also helped in addressing the health problem of his constituents in San Juan by distributing Medicare para sa Masa (Philhealth Insurance) and the San Juan Health Card. Along with various youth organizations, JV is tirelessly helping the youth in their pursuit for a better future.

Under JV’s leadership, San Juan had emerged triumphant amidst the economic and political crises besetting the nation. To date, San Juan has the lowest poverty incidence of 2.92% as stated by the National Statistics Coordinating Body, achieved a 200% increase in its revenue in merely four years, and recognized by the Commission on Audit as the best fiscally-managed municipality in the entire country. Despite being in the opposition, and not having received a single centavo or project from the current administration, San Juan likewise emerged as the country’s Most Progressive Municipality in 2006 as adjudged by the Commission on Audit. This is a feat which shows that JV has excelled as a good local executive, while being active in fighting for his principles by being part of different mass actions about various national issues. Because of JV’s sound financial management, San Juan is the only local government unit in the country to be given a AA credit rating by the Local Government Unit Guaranty Corporation, the highest rating among the local government units. Against all odds, JV emerged as one of the best, if not the best performing local chief executive as he spearheads San Juan’s “economic boom”.

JV, also as a successful “entrepinoy”, had managed to draw in local and foreign investors in San Juan. Thus, San Juan now is also known as the “Tiangge Capital,” generating a hefty tourist and merchandizing market that created an opportunity for more jobs for the people of San Juan and nearby towns. After introducing innovations thru computerization and making San Juan a business friendly community, an estimated P2 Billion worth of investments has poured in since 2001. This goes to show that the business sector in particular has given their full trust and confidence in the leadership of JV. As a result of San Juan’s Economic Miracle, thousands of jobs and opportunities have been given the youth in San Juan.

Now as Congressman of the city’s lone district, JV had elevated San Juan into a new booming city in the metropolis that enhanced his health campaigns by providing affordable medical and hospitalization needs, improving the local education system by establishing an affordable City College and promoting technical and vocational courses which provided livelihood programs, and an on-site housing program to the poorest of the poor in San Juan.

Driven by his idealist and nationalist nature, JV had established the first “Museo ng Katipunan” showcasing the Katipunan artifacts and a diorama that dramatized the “Battle of San Juan Del Monte”, the lone incident that sparked the Philippine Revolution. JV made sure that the San Juan will honor heroes and martyrs by establishing monuments and murals of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto, Macario Sakay and now Leandro Alejandro.

If only JV had solely focused on his political directions, he should be called “Senator JV” by now. His strong showing in the pre-election surveys and the dominating victory of the United Opposition in the recently-concluded senatorial elections, among others, manifested a most likely resounding victory for “Senator JV”. But JV is not a man for himself. He gave way so that the opposition would be united and have a bigger chance of winning in the election. He sacrificed his personal ambition for the good of his party. JV Ejercito is a man driven by conviction, not by ambition.

JV has become not only a politician but a unique public servant that continues to inspire the Filipino youth to serve our country with honor and dedication. JV belongs to the new breed of public servants that puts the interest of the country above self. JV had been continuously upholding the principles of “bayan muna bago ang sarili” which makes him truly “A Man for Others.”


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