Rep. Enrile to student leaders: Be an instrument of change

Cagayan Rep. Juan Ponce Enrile Jr. told some 300 student leaders from all over the country to be instruments of change, promoters of peace and development, and couriers of hope amid the country’s burgeoning woes.

Enrile was the guest speaker during the May 5-7 Philippine Higher Education Student Government Leadership Training in this regional center and capital of Caraga region.

During an open forum with student leaders, Enrile was given standing ovation when he urged student leaders to inspire and lead fellow Filipino youths and the entire citizenry in transforming the country’s problems into challenges and opportunities. He also urged them to join the bandwagon of transformational politics the country badly needs to move forward.

“What is knowledge, a masteral and doctoral degree or even a degree from Harvard University or La Salle, U.P. or Ateneo without you serving the country for common good? Serve your communities and do whatever little things you can to your classmates, neighbors and families without expecting returns. Making a difference of their lives is what all relevant education all about,” Enrile said.

Enrile cited his personal experiences as a young and happy-go-lucky teenager, saying there comes a turning point in everyone’s life to make a difference in whatever little capacity one has in his/her community.

“There was a time that I was reluctant to my father’s challenge to me to continue his work in serving Filipinos especially those who badly needed help. When I was young like you my focus then was about myself, business and me and me alone but when you reach that peak of your career and you had everything and when you see many people are still suffering, there comes a point you decide to do something rather than sit there and watching,” Enrile said.

Enrile challenged the student leaders to join his search for the right answer in achieving lasting peace and sustainable development for the country.

He said this include fully developing the agriculture sector, sustainably developing the country’s vast human resources, and tapping the country’s vast natural and fisheries resources while protecting the environment.

He also challenged the student leaders to join his quest for good, accountable and transparent governance; re-orienting Filipino voters’ values in eradicating money and patronage politics; and address the long overdue problem of productivity of every Filipinos.

“Alone, I can never even start that long journey and can’t even imagine I can do it, but with you young people of this country whom Jose Rizal referred as the future of this country, we can all do it,” Enrile said.


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