LTO-12 Director Arlan Mangelen: RISING ABOVE

Embarking on 3-point policy agenda – good governance, documented transaction and quality accomplishment – as key to better serve the public

By Anthony S. Allada

AS he assumed office more than a year ago, many cast doubts on the integrity, sincerity, qualities and capabilities of Datu Arlan Mangelen to be appointed as the regional director of Land Transportation Office in Central Mindanao.

For one, Mangelen’s youthfulness and being a rookie at the LTO may be a factor that he could not bear the pressure from his colleagues who serve the government agency almost half of their lives. And here comes this 39-year-old man so new to this post to be at the helm, taking charge of the region’s transport sector.

But he proved his critics wrong.  Applying the excellence and competence he showed when he was an election officer and a congressional chief-of-staff back then, he instituted the needed reforms to make the LTO 12 to be at par from other LTO regional offices and to better serve the transacting public.

Mangelen embarks on a three-point policy agenda – GOOD GOVERNANCE, DOCUMENTED TRANSACTION and QUALITY ACCOMPLISHMENT — to effect change and institute reforms under his stewardship.


The first policy agenda is good governance. He defines good governance as work excellence in law enforcement, transparency, administrative and operational reforms.

While having an inspection of its roster of employees, the new LTO director found irregularities and discrepancies when he found that retired employees and even dead ones were still at the list and receiving salaries.

“Kaya ang ginawa ko, pina-scrap ko talaga yun at pina update ko yung roster natin sa ating employees. Hindi pwede i-tolerate yun,” he said.

And, he also made it clear that the LTO-12 has no room for fixers. Allowing them is to add more fees for the transacting public since fixers are the ones who jack up the fees even in double.

“Huwag nating bigyan nga problema mga kababayan natin kasi karamihan sa kanila mahihirap din,” he said.

Moreover, Mangelen sourced out funds to construct a conference room to cater their district meetings and other conferences to save them time and money in holding these gatherings outside their office.

Aside from that, he initiated the purchase of an 8-hectare land to be constructed next year with the new LTO regional office to become a one-of-a-kind ONE-STOP-SHOP, where an area will be set aside for actual driving to applicants.

“We have no other purpose here but to the convenience of our transacting public and to serve them well,” he said.

Two months ago, Mangelen introduced the “I-Report sa LTO-12” stickers in PUVs, which encourages commuters and motorists to report any violation by those involved in public transport service.

This plan to establish SMS hotlines  came after Mangelen received so many complaints such as smoking while driving, extremely loud sound systems, shaded license plates, and many others.

“This is in response to the clamor of several commuters. Public utility vehicles need to be compliant not only regarding government standards but also on keeping our streets and travel orderly ” he said.

To submit a report, according to the direction on the stricter, a complainant needs to text his or her full name, plate number of the vehicle, and the nature of violation and send this to 09152988092 or 09051964660.


The second policy direction is documented transaction. The LTO director said that all transactions at their office should be documented. This came to his attention when its main office in Manila required them to submit some important documents but they failed to comply because records were found.

That’s why, he issued a directive to make an inventory and established a room for the safekeeping of files and documents.

The personnel of the records section should see to it that all files are in place and in order for ready reference when they are needed.

Aside from that, they should also be careful to receive documents from transacting public especially when those were tampered or fake.


Last policy agenda is quality accomplishment. Accomplishment is but normal for a government agency which has a day-to-day transaction with the public. But it should be a quality one. For Mangelen, quality accomplishment means meeting the requirements to have a real quality accomplishment.

He humbly admits the lack of proper skills trainings for his enforcers. That’s why, he encouraged them to join trainings to enhance their skills and knowledge on law enforcement and other must-know to be more effective and efficient in dealing with the motorists.

Administrative staff are also allowed to participate these trainings for the same purpose and are told to re-echo their learnings to their colleagues.

Mangelen is a believer of team work where quality accomplishment can only be achieved if everyone is  a team player. With his leadership, he sees to it that his guidance to his men would inspire more quality accomplishments.


The young LTO director would not just let his enforcers do their jobs without securing the benefits they should get in line of their work.

Like the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, LTO enforcers are soon to get their hazard pay for risking their lives in dealing motorists in the streets.

Besides, those employees who might be facing charges over their jobs can avail the services of their legal department

Mangelen said aside from their usual work, LTO-12 personnel are also involved in civic action activities as well as participating in medical and dental missions initiated by other line agencies of the government.

There are also times when there is a calamity, they get the consensus of their personnel in providing cash and in kind assistance to the affected victims.

Some district offices still in manual will soon be computerized. The LTO-12 has 19 district offices in six cities and six provinces.




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