Unassuming but competent LTO 12 top brass

Unlike his predecessors, Datu Arlan Mangelen is so far the youngest to be designated as the regional director of the Land Transportation Office 12.

Mangelen does not regard his youthfulness to be a factor to just stay at the corner but instead rise above and implement the needed reforms for a government agency touted to be prone to graft and corruption.

He is the symbol of transformational leadership, going the extra mile of effort to live up to the expectation of his superiors and subordinates as well as the customer satisfaction that the clients want from the LTO’s services.

No wonder, in just more than a year after assuming the top position of LTO 12, Mangelen has accomplished a lot of achievements like the must-needed construction of the conference room, launching of the I-Report sa LTO-12, and the soon-to-rise construction of the new one-stop-shop LTO 12 Building.

These no non-sense accomplishments get the attention of the LTO national office that the latter did not hesitate to support projects and programs initiated by the LTO regional director.

At any rate, we have to commend this noble undertaking that this may continue for better delivery of services to the transacting clients.


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