Businessman loses trust to BIR

By Anthony S. Allada
DOK Alternatibo owner and inventor Edgar Delibo has admitted he lost his trust to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for bribing him in exchange of settling his tax code case it filed against him.
“I really felt great loss of confidence to the government processes particularly with BIR and hopefully, not to the entire Government of the Republic of the Philippines,” Delibo said in a statement sent to Edge Davao Saturday morning.
On Thursday noon, elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) 11 arrested BIR regional legal officer Roderick Orallo for allegedly extorting P50,000 cash from Delibo.
Delibo said some personnel of BIR XI earlier asked compromise money of P20,000.00 to settle the case they filed against him plus the “for the boys” money of P30,000.00.
“It was so malicious because the government will only earn P20,000.00 while the people trusted to implement the law gained P30,000.00. Said scenario really lost my trust and confidence as inventor, businessman and taxpayer. I was made a victim of robbery extortion by the BIR despite the fact that I am supposedly clothed with inventions act privilege which was not granted in the guise of blurred implementing policy of the law, how much more the small, neophyte inventors, investors and taxpayers,” he said.
He said he asked the police assistance not to really pinpoint the individual involved “but to make statements that there is an evil culture of corruption within the bureaucracy.”
Delibo cited the  government’s non-implementation of the Republic Act No. 7459 or the Inventors and Inventions Incentives Act that resulted to the filing of a tax code case against him before the City Prosecutor’s Office.
“The intent of the said law, which is to recognize and grant incentives to inventors particularly extending tax exemptions for every invention, was not implemented. I was not unfortunately given the privilege for said tax exemptions by the BIR based on the said law despite effort on my part,” he said.
He said the BIR only granted him income tax exemptions which  according to him  runs counter to the intent and purpose of the law.
“In fact, the BIR billed me with millions tax payable before the conduct of actual investigations on their level,” he said.
Delibo said the said entrapment operation was the sad effect of the failure of BIR to fully implement the said law in as far as tax policies are concerned which he was persistently asking them ever since. (ASA)

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