Lawmen closing in on big-time wanted carnapper

By Anthony S. Allada

DAVAO CITY – The crack team composed of several law enforcement agencies here and abroad tasked to conduct manhunt operation against notorious and illusive Ryan Cain “Baktin” Yu has already a lead on his whereabouts and just waiting for the right timing to arrest him.

“We have already a lead but we cannot divulge yet the details so as not to jeopardize our on going manhunt operation,” said Sr. Supt. Greg Pimentel, regional chief of the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group 11 here.

Pimentel said that they are very extra-careful in their “operational plans” to pursue Yu, who carries a P5-million reward on his head offered by Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, while they are also still busy filing more cases against him and other suspects.

“Actually we are so busy right now. While we are the lead agency to run after Yu, we are also moving double time to act on the documents to be filed in court against the carnapping suspects,” he said.

He also appealed to owners of recovered carnapped  vehicles to be patient in claiming their vehicles since they have to undergo due process to avoid technicalities.

This came after some vehicle owners were pressuring them to immediately turn over their vehicles to them.

The PNP-HPG 11 headquarters now looks like a motorpool with more than 30 carnapped vehicles, which had been recovered two weeks, occupying the small parking area.

“We have no other area to use. So we have to bear the burden to use this as holding area of these motor vehicles,” Pimentel said. (ASA)


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