IP party-list hopeful courting Mindanaoan votes


DAVAO CITY, April 29 (PNA) -– The Luzon-based Ang National Coalition of Indigenous Peoples Action Na Inc. (ANAC-IP) party-list candidate, has focused their campaign in Mindanao areas since this month in efforts to land a seat in the House of Congress.

ANAC-IP, which is a first timer in the party-list derby, is based in the province of Isabela and its first nominee is Jose Panganiban Jr., the current vice mayor of Angadanan town, and a pure-blooded member of the Itawes and Gaddang cultural minority.

In a press conference Sunday night at the Grand Menseng Hotel, Panganiban said that as of April 1, they concentrated to campaign in Mindanao because they wanted to make it feel that their group is the genuine party-list representing the voice of indigenous peoples not just in Luzon but in the entire country.

“We had conducted a series of caucus with various tribal leaders and council of elders. We also conducted summits here in Davao, Cotabato, Zamboanga, and General Santos City. On Tuesday, our biggest summit-rally will be held in Cagayan de Oro City,” Panganiban told reporters.

He said that even as ANAC-IP is not yet a party-list it has already helped 5,000 IPs as scholars to different schools in Luzon.

“We want that we can reach all IP groups in the entire country and this is the only way that we can do so – to be voted upon as party-list representative,” he said.

Panganiban said that there are laws and government offices that should protect the rights and interest of IPs but nothing has happened.

“We have to amend the IPRA (Indigenous People’s Republic Act) Law because it has a lot of loopholes,” he said. (PNA)


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