Davao solon to focus on building more roads, hanging bridges

DAVAO CITY — Rep. Isidro Ungab said he would be pushing the building of more roads in the third district during his last term of office.

Ungab said the third district has a large land that needs more roads.

Aside from roads, the third district also needs more bridges to cross the many existing creeks, according to Ungab, adding that there is also a need to build additional hanging bridges in far-flung areas of the district and to upgrade some of the existing ones for easier and safer access by students going to and from schools, especially after rains cause the water level to rise.

The third district is home to most of Davao City’s poorest of the poor, the congressman observed, which is why he said that he would develop agricultural modernization in his third district to help poor farmers earn more.

On a bigger scale, he said that Republic Act No. 10351 (An Act Restructuring the Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco) which he co-authored, is in the process of collection and implementation.

He said that 85 percent of the collection from these taxed commodities will go to national health care, such as Philhealth.


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